Article of Interest: "Energy Department to Invest up to $7 million to Support Early-Stage Solar Technologies"

“Energy Department to Invest up to $7 million to Support Early-Stage Solar Technologies”

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced up to a $7 million investment through National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) into developing and commercializing new solar energy technologiesThis news means private companies may benefit from close partnership with the national laboratories. Companies receive funding based on which tier they fit, Tier1 or Tier2. This funding shows  government support for renewable energy research and its inclusion of renewable energy into policy making.

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“Realization of Sustainable Renewable Energy Cities’/Islands” Project

NGO Sustainability is collaborating with the Maldives Minister Mohamed Aslam on the Sustainable of Renewable Energy City/ Islands Projects. The Maldives, Masdar and S.T.A.R. islands all revealed plans to become carbon-neutral islands within our decade. These plans are crucial for the islands in meeting the rising sea levels associated with global warming. Solar panels, wind turbines and electric engines will primarily substitute fossil-fuel based energy on all three islands. In January 2011, NGO Sustainability will be hosting a panel at the U.N. to explain these projects further and to encourage the U.N. to support and develop sustainability energy not only for these three islands, but for all countries.

Our Current Projects

Currently, UN NGO Sustainability, Inc. is working on four major projects/ proposals:

  • “Creating Sustainable Renewable Energy/ Cities, Islands”
  • “Sustainable CUNY”
  • “Introducing Small Scale Solar in Liberia” 
  • “7th World Chambers Congress, Women’s Empowerment Principles: Equality Means Business, UN Global Compact, UN Women”
Over the next few weeks an entire entry will be devoted to each of these projects/ proposals. These initiatives are very important and exciting both domestically and internationally. Frequent our blog to learn more about our work and to gain an understanding of how to help!

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