Manresa Island Renewables

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Manresa Island in Norwalk, CT is home to a decommissioned coal and oil plant and is flooded with natural resources and contains an abundance of biodiversity. The island is composed of two parcels, North and South, with 92 acres of filled in wetlands and 46 acres for the power plant and other structures, respectively. NRG Energy purchased Manresa Island from Connecticut Light & Power in 1999, and ever since has been enrolled in the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP).

Many decisions are yet to be made on the future of Manresa Island. The leading consideration, which is not yet part of the discussion, is the new law adopted by the Connecticut Legislature, S.B.9, concerning greenhouse gas emissions targets of 45% below 2001 levels by 2030. The new law also mandates that 40% of the states electricity comes from renewable sources by 2030. The Fitzgerald and Halliday report refers to 12 of the 46 shorefront acres being used for solar array, producing 2.5 megawatts, which would power 400 homes.

In order for Norwalk, the surrounding towns, and Fairfield County to meet the demands of the new legislation, consideration should be given to the 92 remaining acres for a solar array producing 5.0 megawatts or more that could possibly power thousands of homes.

 As a member of the Manresa Association, we are committed to advocating for this solar energy facility.