Hosted by NGO

Below is a list of past programs UN NGO Sustainability has hosted. For more information on the events, click on the links.


  • March 6: Race to Zero Carbon; Co-sponsored by Ambassador Rohan Perera, Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the UN and Ambassador Koki Muli Grignon, Deputy Permanent Representative of Kenya to the UN. Speakers: Romany Webb and Chuck Kutscher 


  • April 4: Geospatial Indicators for Achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Co-sponsored by Louis Berger and Becker + Becker
  • December 5: The Evolution to Fuel Cell Technology; Co-sponsored by The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Kenya to the UN and The Permanent Mission of the Slovak Republic to the UN


  • October 18: Fashion Show Fundraising Event Learn Your Label;  Co-sponsored by NGO Sustainability, Tesla, and Threads 4 Thought Sustainable Apparel.
  • January 20: U.N. Event “Coastline Erosion and Its Contribution to Climate Change”. Sponsored by NGO Sustainability.


  • December 5: ‘Environmental Governance: Key issues and perspectives. 200 World Summit Outcome Resolution A/60/L.1, Paragraph 169′Peter Maurer, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the United Nations
  • October 25: ‘Why Go Solar Energy?’ Richard Perez, Research Professor, University at Albany Atmospheric Sciences Research Centre.
  • October 11: ’Furthering access to solar energy systems for the two billion people without electricity. Speaker: Scott Sklar, President, The Stalla Group.
  • July 18: ‘Climate Change Development in the United States: Initiatives in the Private Sector’.Speakers: Joe Siegel, Adjunct Professor, Center for Environmental Legal Studies, Pace Law School, Vice Chair, American Bar Association Committee on Sustainability Ecosystems and Climate Change.
  • June 15: ‘The Bonn Climate Talks (May 2006). On the Road from Montreal to Nairobi and Beyond’; Speakers: Chris Spence, Deputy Director IISD Reporting Services Earth Negotiations Bulletin. Alice Bisiaux, Writer/Editor Earth Negotiations Bulletin.
  • May 12: ‘Energy and Atmosphere from the Perspective of Children’s Health CSD 14 Side Event in Cooperation with World Information Transfer; Speakers: Dr. Claudia Strauss.
  • May 1: ‘Developing countries – Transitioning to a Renewable energy Future CSD 14 Side Event in cooperation with ISES; Speakers: Dr. Yogi Goswami, Immediate past President of ISES, Co-Director, Clean Energy, Research Centre, University of South Florida, Tampa, U.S.A.
  • February 23: ‘Update on UNEP Dubai meeting – Strategic Approach to Chemical Management (SAICM) & Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPS); Speakers: Dr. Claudia Strauss, World Information Transfer/World Ecology Report. Werner Obermeyer, Deputy Director, UNEP Office New York. Andrea Fava, Manager, Environmental Affairs, Transport and Taxation, USCIB.
  • February 2: ‘Update on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Kyoto Protocol Negotiations, Montreal, November-December, 2005′; Chris Spence, Author, IISD, Earth Negotiations Bulletin.
  • January 19: ‘United Nations Environmental Treaties and Sustainable Development’Jessica Green, Author.
  • December 15:‘The global compact and sustainable development’George Kell, Director, United Nations Global Compact office
  • November 17: ‘Panel discussion: From Humanitarian Action to Sustainable Development’Mark Bowden, Chief, Policy Development and Studies Branch, Department of Humanitarian Affairs. Dirk Salomons¸ Director, Humanitarian Affairs Program-SIPA-Columbia University
  • October 5:‘Post-Conflict reconstruction and stabilization for Sustainable Development’Anne Patterson, Ambassador, Deputy Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations
  • July 7: ‘Advancing the UN’s Environment Agenda through Partnerships’; Will Kennedy, Programme officer for Environment, UN Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP). Duncan Marsh, Senior Program Officer for Clime Change, UN Foundation.
  • May 3: ‘Challenges Facing the Global Environmental facility (GEF) 2005-2010; Tehmina Aktar, Techincal Advisor on Biodiversity, Global Environmental Facility, GEF, Energy and Environmental Group, Bureau for Development Policy. Delfin Ganapin Global Manager, Small Grants Program (SGP) GEF
  • April 19: ‘The role of Civil Society in implementing the Mauritius Strategy for the SMALL Island Developing States’; Anwaral Karim Chowdhury, Ambassador, High Representative of the UN Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries (OHRLLS). Vanessa Tobin, Chief, Water/environment Sanitation Section, UNICEF. Gordan Bispham, Caribbean Policy Development Center
  • April 5: ‘Social Development and Sustainable Development: A Contradiction?’; Johan Schölvinck, Director Division of Social Policy and Development (DESA)
  • March 1: ‘Key Economics Issues before he United Nations, Committee for Development Policy (CDP)’; Ian Kinniburgh, Director, Development and Policy Analyses Division (DESA)
  • February 8: ‘The International Meeting to the review the implementation of the Program of Action and the Mauritius Declarations to the SMALL Island Developing States (SIDS)’; Anwarul Karim Chowdhury, High Representative of the UN Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries (OHRLLS)
  • November 2: ‘Objectives and Challenges of CSD 13’; John Ashe, Ambassador, Chairman, CSD 13 Commission
  • May 4: ‘New approaches to the Challenges of HIV/AIDS and development’; Dr. Joseph Annan, Senior Policy Advisor of the HV/AIDS Group at UNDP, Bureau of Development Policy, New York
  • ‘NEPAD and the Least Developed Countries, Reality or Illusion?’; Anwarul Karin Chowdhury Under-Secretary General, OHRLLS. Ms. Yvette Stevens, Special Coordinator for Africa and the LDCs.