Welcoming our Newest Board Member!

Left to right: NGO Sustainability President, Roma Stibravy, and Ambassador of Slovenia to the UN, Darja Bavdaz Kuret.

Earlier this month NGO Sustainability welcomed H.E. Darja Bavdaz Kuret, Ambassador of Slovenia to the United Nations, as our newest Board Member.

Ambassador Kuret is photographed above with NGO Sustainability President, Roma Stibravy. Check out our July 2019 Newsletter for a short biography on Ambassador Kuret!

Sustainability Spotlight: James Prosek

Today’s Sustainability Spotlight features James Prosek; renowned artist, writer, and naturalist. Prosek became widely recognized as having brought attention to the existence and plight of native trout, leading to widespread conservation efforts through his first book entitled Trout: An Illustrated History, which¬†included water-colored illustrations¬†of seventy species, subspecies, and strains of trout in North America.