Kerry Prods India to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

 Secretary of State John Kerry urged India to begin addressing climate change by reducing greenhouse gases emissions, even as the country attempts to bring electricity to tens of millions of its citizens. Kerry emphasized that though he recognizes India’s paramount commitment to eradicate poverty, climate change could cause India to endure excessive heat waves, droughts, as well as food and water shortages. India has consistently rejected efforts by developed countries to slow down its energy consumption for fear that it would retard its economic growth and hamper its drive to reduce poverty. For this reason, Kerry reassured India that protecting the environment could be consistent with India’s economic development by improving energy efficiency and spurring investment in green technology. He urges India to engage actively in the negotiations for the post-Kyoto Treaty. The 190-plus signatories to the United Nations Climate Convention have agreed to complete a new treaty with binding legal force by the end of 2015.