North American Independence Conference June 19th, 2013

On June 19th, 2013, President Roma Stibravy attended the North American Independence Conference. The featured keynote speakers included Hon. Alison Redford, Premier of Alberta. Panelists were John Hofmeister (Citizen for Affordable Energy),  Hon. Ken Hughes (Minister of Energy, Alberta), Sean Klimzak (The Blackstone Group), Peter Kruselnicki (TransCanada), Gordon Lambert (Suncor), Charles R. Morris (Century Foundation), Thoedore Roosevelt IV (Barclays Capital), and Anthony Yuen (Citigroup Global Commodities Research). Some of the features panels included: Building the Future: Energy Infrastructure and Finance, Protecting the Future: Innovation, Environment, & Climate Change and Securing and Growing the Future: The Role of Energy in North American Security and Economic Competitiveness .