Can We Make A Green Future A Reality? It Can Be Done

David Sklar, S.T,A,R, Island, Keynote Speaker
David Sklar, S.T.A.R. Island, Keynote Speaker

On September  7th, NGO Sustainability co-sponsored this event at the United Nations Headquarters in NY, along with the Mission of Slovakia.

You can watch a video highlighting the event here,on South-South News. Roma’s introduction to David Sklar, the keynote speaker, starts around 19 seconds in which she states:

“The continued destruction of natural habitat, loss of biodiversity and increased pollution is tantamount to throwing away our inheritance, while at the same time robbing future generations of the wealth producing assets society has always taken for granted”– Roma Stibravy

You can check out our full report of the event here Can We Make A Green Future A Reality.