Raising Awareness: Sustainable CUNY

sustainable cuny imageAs part of  NGO Sustainability’s goal to raise awareness about sustainable development, we highlight and support the efforts of other organizations and events that are helping to make sustainable development a reality.

Sustainable CUNY, is one such project. This project is devoted to reducing New York City’s public and private universities’ greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2017.

Sustainable CUNY is also concerned with the promotion of green technologies throughout the city of New York. In 2011, Sustainable CUNY held the NYC Solar Summit, which launched the NYC Solar Map. This new technology allows users to input a NYC address and get an estimate of the building’s solar potential.

This interactive map also highlights existing solar installations, displays real-time solar energy production citywide, and allows users to estimate the costs, incentives, and payback period for investing in solar. To research the solar potential of a building in New York City visit: http://nycsolarmap.com/.

NGO Sustainability, Inc recognized the potential immediately. Given our close relationship and frequent activities at the UN in NYC, we researched the United Nations solar potential and found opportunities for improvement. A follow-up letter intended to inspire change within the UN community was sent to German Ambassador, President to the Security Council for the month of July.

The United Nations on the Solar Map