Events at the UN

As an organization involved with the efforts of the United Nations, NGO Sustainability attends and reports on meetings relevant to renewable energy, economic, environmental and social development, as well as climate change and women’s empowerment. We have been able to attend events such as the Security Council’s Open Debate on the “Maintenance of International Peace and Security: the Impact of Climate Change.” We also host our own open meetings, our most recent ones on Understanding the Energy Trap for Policymakers and on S.T.A.R. Island. After any events that NGO Sustainability has hosted or attended, NGO Sustainability continues to fulfill our goals of advocacy, awareness raising and outreach by writing a report and sending it to our mailing list as well as posting it on our website and Facebook page. We hope to give our members and friends further insight into what is happening at the UN and what is being done to achieve a sustainable planet.

In addition, we host events at the UN. Through sponsorship from Missions to the UN, NGO Sustainability hosted several important presentations and discussions since 2003.

Most recently on September 7th, NGO Sustainability, along with the Slovak Mission to the UN, will be hosting a presentation on S.T.A.R. Island- an island in the Bahamas that will be the first zero carbon and energy independent island. ( For more information about this event, send us an e-mail to