Save the Children changes in leadership

NGO Sustainability’s President, Roma Stibravy, attended a dinner reception at the invitation of Save the Children, headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, in honor of the retirement of their President, Dr. Charles F. MacCormack who served from 1993 – 2011.

Save the Children is a global organization concerned with three major issues affecting children: nutrition, education and health. Nutrition is promoted through food and agricultural programs. Education is promoted through the building of schools and distribution of textbooks. In the health area, they provide community access to immunization and health centers. They have an income approaching 550 million dollars and a global staff of about 5,000 people.

The new President and Chief Executive, Carolyn Miles (pictured below), has recently been named. Miss Miles is the current Chief Operating Officer for the agency, and will officially assume the post September 1, 2011.

Save the Children Chief Operating Officer, Carolyn Miles and Save the Children Trustee, Cokie Roberts meet with a student from the Ecole Eddy Pascal school in Carrefour, Haiti. Photo credit: Ian Woolverton

UN NGO Sustainability is looking forward to doing a community outreach program with Save the Children to garner local understating and support for our programs.