Greener Gas, Solar Planes and More: Articles of Interest June 8 -17

The Gas is Greener
NY Times 6/8/2011

Recent government mandates promoting renewable energy prove to be contradictory, as large power projects exact significant environmental tolls.

The Earth Is Full
NY Times 6/8/2011

In the current scramble for natural resources, humans are on the brink of a lifestyle change. According to Thomas Friedman, an environmental collapse will eventually trigger the development of a new sustainable economic model.

The Green Machine Flies In
The Economist 6/14/2011

The HB-SIA, a solar powered airplane built by the Swiss-based project Solar Impulse, will be featured at the Paris Air Show on June 20th. The aircraft is powered by 11,628 solar cells that charge lithium-ion batteries, as well as four electric motors that turn the propellers.

Maker of Silicon Wafers Wins Millions in U.S. Loan Support
New York Times 6/17/2011

The Energy Department will provide a $150 million loan guarantee to the company 1366 Technologies, which has developed a radical new way to make the silicon wafers for solar cells at a far lower cost. This innovative, cost-efficient technology signals a promising future for widespread use of solar energy.