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G.E. Plans to Build Largest Solar Panel Plant in U.S. 

General Electric announced that it plans to build the nation’s largest photovoltaic panel factory. The new plant estimates to employ 400 workers and create 600 related jobs. The factory will also
start to manufacture thin-film photovoltaic panels which, although less efficient than conventional solar
panels, can produce at a lower costs, proving them
attractive to developers and utilities building
large-scale power plants.

In general, G.E. has been aggressively expanding its energy portfolio, particularly through such acquisitions.


Poking Holes in the Clean-and-Green Image of Natural Gas: Drillers’ Methane Leaks Hurt Environment More than Coal, Studies Say

Natural gas–a key player in the effort to reduce “dirtier” fossil fuels and global warming–
may not be as clean over-all as its proponents claim. Studies deem the development of
unconventional sources of natural gas as impractical and likely to increase our planet’s temperature more than
mining and burning coal. Director of climate programs with the Natural Resources Defense Council, David Hawkins stated: ”This is a huge and growing industry, and we just don’t have the information
we need to make sure that this resource is being developed as cleanly as it can be”