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EU seeks F1 buzz for electric Grand Prix

The European Commission asked Formula One’s governing body to establish a racing championship
series for electric cars in hopes to increasing public awareness and excitement about new-technology
vehicles. Car and policy makers say they will need big consumer subsidies and public investments
in recharging infrastructure to gain mass-market acceptance when it comes to electric vehicles. F1’s “media muscle” would help gain this much needed enthusiasm.

To Cut Smog, Navistar Blazes Risky Path of Its Own

The truck maker Navistar decided to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to refine an engine that already initially produces minimal NOx. The company also attacked the competing systems, suing federal air quality regulators claiming that the add-on technology was so flawed that it failed to meet the clean-air requirements. The author predicts Navistar’s engine will prevail, because “the customer is looking for simplicity, not technology.”

EU Emissions Trading System: failing at the third attempt 

The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) failed to reduce emissions. Companies consistently receive generous allocations of permits to pollute, meaning they have no obligation to cut their carbon dioxide emissions.  The third phase of the ETS will continue the same basic pattern of subsidizing polluters and helping them to avoid meaningful action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.