Committee for Economic Development: Second Annual Economic Summit, December 1, 2010

President Roma Stibravy, joined the Committee for Economic Development (CED) for the Second Annual Economic Summit, “Restoring Fiscal Health in the United States – A Global Business Perspective” on December 1, 2010. Charles Kolb, the President of the CED, welcomed guests at the Waldorf- Astoria Hotel, NYC.
Panel speakers included: Professor Chi Fulin (President, China Institute for Reform and Development); Jean-Marc Daniel (Editor of Societal, Institut de l’ Entreprise); Marcelo Marinho (Member of the Board, CEAL Brazil); Dr. Paulo Carmona (Forum de Administradores de Empresas (FAE)); and Yasuo Kanzaki, (Advisor, Nikko Cordial Securities Inc.). They addressed the most critical issues affecting America’s economy – budget deficits, health care, tax reform, and entitlement reform – and how business may help restore the nation’s fiscal health.
A question here at NGO Sustainability, Inc. concerning renewable/ sustainable energy was posed at the Summit: Should America allocate its resources into closing or retrofitting coal plants or, rather, distribute this money into researching development?