Past Hosted Programs

Below is a list of past programs UN NGO Sustainability, Inc. has hosted. We currently are working on four new programs pertaining to environmental sustainability and women’s issues, which we will post in our next entry. Please frequent our blog for updates on our projects, UN conferences, and news regarding environmental, economic and social sustainability and women’s issues!

  • February 2: ‘After Copenhagen: Understanding the Energy Trap for Policymakers’ ; Co-sponsored by NGO Sustainability and the Mission of Slovakia to the United Nations Speaker: Dr. Christ Martenson- Think Tank.

  • October, 14: ‘Affordable Desalination as the Sustainable Solution’ ; H.P. Michelet, Executive Chairman of the Board, ERI. G.G. Pique, President and CEO, Energy Recovery
  • April, 23: ‘Beyond Today’s Capitalism: Moving to True Sustainability’; James Gustave Speth, Author. Dean of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.
  • March, 25: ‘Behind the Scenes at the United Nations including Humanitarian Affairs’, Dr. Dirk Salomons, Director of the Humanitarian Affairs Program. School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University.March, 5: ‘Sustainable Investing: The Art of the Long-Term Performance’; Cary Krosinsky, Vice President of Trucost and Editor.
  • February, 3: ‘Sustainable Tourism…0 Emissions’; David Sklar, CEO of S.T.A.R Island
  • November 4: ’Global Mapping Innovation for Renewable Energy Resources’; Kenneth Westrick, CEO, 3TIER
  • October 20: ‘Report on the private tour of ‘The Solaire’; Anthony Pereira, President and CEO of altPOWER, presented by International Solar Energy System (ISES).
  • October 6: ‘ISES meeting on Renewable Energy in Urban Settings’; Anthony Pereira, President and CEO of altPOWER
  • July 8: ‘Latest Innovations in Small-Scale Wind and Other Renewables’; Scott SklarPresident of The Stella Group, Ltd. Andy Kruse, Executive Vice President for Business Development for Southwest Windpower. Stephen Gitonga, Energy Policy Specialist in United Nations Development Programme’s Sustainable Energy Programme
  • May 21: ‘The Capital Master Plan: An Overview of the Historic Renovation Project, United Nations Headquarters’; Michael Adlerstein, Executive Director, Capital Master Plan
  • November 14: ‘ISES: The World Bank’s Investment Framework for Clean Energy and Development’; Oscar Avalle, Special Representative of the World Bank to the United Nations
  • October 25: ‘The United Nations: Development and Civil Society; Francis Dubois, United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
  • May 3: ‘CSD 15 Side Event: ISES event: Tackling Climate Change: Cooperation between the Developing and Developed World; Scott Sklar, President, The Stella Group LTD. Ike Yukawa, President, Kyocera Solar Inc. Mark Radka, Energy Program Manager, UNEP
  • April 24: ‘Sustainable Forest Management and financing mechanisms; Charles Barber, Environmental Advisor, Office of Environment and Science Policy U.S. Agency for International Development. Ricardo Ulate, Advisor, Ministry of Environment of Costa Rica.
  • April 12: ‘Potential of solar energy in the US’; Rhone Resch, President, Solar Energy Industries Association
  • January 18: ‘The Economics of Climate Change – the Stern Report’; Alistair Ferniecounselor, Sustainable Development/human Rights UK Mission to the United Nations. Philipp Schmidt-Thome, Scientific Researcher, Geological Survey of Finland
  • December 5: ‘Environmental Governance: Key issues and perspectives. 200 World Summit Outcome Resolution A/60/L.1, Paragraph 169′; Peter Maurer, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the United Nations
  • October 25: ‘Why Go Solar Energy?’ Richard Perez, Research Professor, University at Albany Atmospheric Sciences Research Centre.
  • October 11: ’Furthering access to solar energy systems for the two billion people without electricity
Speaker: Scott Sklar, President, The Stalla Group.
  • July 18: ‘Climate Change Development in the United States: Initiatives in the Private Sector’.
Speakers: Joe Siegel, Adjunct Professor, Center for Environmental Legal Studies, Pace Law School, Vice Chair, American Bar Association Committee on Sustainability Ecosystems and Climate Change.
  • June 15: ‘The Bonn Climate Talks (May 2006). On the Road from Montreal to Nairobi and Beyond’
Speakers: Chris Spence, Deputy Director IISD Reporting Services Earth Negotiations Bulletin. Alice Bisiaux, Writer/Editor Earth Negotiations Bulletin.
  • May 12: ‘Energy and Atmosphere from the Perspective of Children’s Health CSD 14 Side Event in Cooperation with World Information Transfer
Speakers: Dr. Claudia Strauss.
  • May 1: ‘Developing countries – Transitioning to a Renewable energy Future CSD 14 Side Event in cooperation with ISES
Speakers: Dr. Yogi Goswami, Immediate past President of ISES, Co-Director, Clean Energy, Research Centre, University of South Florida, Tampa, U.S.A.
  • February 23: ‘update on UNEP Dubai meeting – strategic approach to chemical management (SAICM) & persistent organic pollutants (POPS); peakers: Dr. Claudia Strauss, World Information Transfer/World Ecology Report. Werner Obermeyer, Deputy Director, UNEP Office New York. Andrea Fava, Manager, Environmental Affairs, Transport and Taxation, USCIB.
  • February 2: ‘Update on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Kyoto Protocol Negotiations, Montreal, November-December, 2005′; Chris Spence, Author, IISD, Earth Negotiations Bulletin.
  • January 19: ‘United Nations Environmental Treaties and Sustainable Development’; Jessica Green, Author.
  • December 15: ‘The global compact and sustainable development’; George Kell, Director, United Nations Global Compact office
  • November 17: Panel discussion: From Humanitarian Action to Sustainable Development’; Marks Bowden, Chief, Policy Development and Studies Branch, Department of Humanitarian Affairs. Dirk Salomons¸ Director, Humanitarian Affairs Program-SIPA-Columbia University
  • October 5: ‘Post-Conflict reconstruction and stabilization for Sustainable Development’; Anne Patterson, Ambassador, Deputy Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations
  • July 7: ‘Advancing the UN’s Environment Agenda through Partnerships’; Will Kennedy, Programme officer for Environment, UN Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP). Duncan Marsh, Senior Program Officer for Clime Change, UN Foundation.
  • May 3: ‘Challenges Facing the Global Environmental facility (GEF) 2005-2010; Tehmina Aktar, Techincal Advisor on Biodiversity, Global Environmental Facility, GEF, Energy and Environmental Group, Bureau for Development Policy. Delfin Ganapin Global Manager, Small Grants Program (SGP) GEF
  • April 19: ‘The role of Civil Society in implementing the Mauritius Strategy for the SMALL Island Developing States’; Anwaral Karim Chowdhury, Ambassador, High Representative of the UN Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries (OHRLLS). Vanessa Tobin, Chief, Water/environment Sanitation Section, UNICEF. Gordan Bispham, Caribbean Policy Development Center
  • April 5: ‘Social Development and Sustainable Development: A Contradiction?’; Johan Schölvinck, Director Division of Social Policy and Development (DESA)
  • March 1: ‘Key Economics Issues before the United Nations, Committee for Development Policy (CDP)’; Ian Kinniburgh, Director, Development and Policy Analyses Division (DESA)
  • February 8: ‘The International Meeting to the review the implementation of the Program of Action and the Mauritius Declarations to the SMALL Island Developing States (SIDS)’; Anwarul Karim Chowdhury, High Representative of the UN Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries (OHRLLS)
  • November 2: ‘Objectives and Challenges of CSD 13’; John Ashe, Ambassador, Chairman, CSD 13 Commission
  • May 4: ‘New approaches to the Challenges of HIV/AIDS and development’; Dr. Joseph Annan, Senior Policy Advisor of the HV/AIDS Group at UNDP, Bureau of Development Policy, New York
  • ‘NEPAD and the Least Developed Countries, Reality or Illusion?’; Anwarul Karin Chowdhury Under-Secretary General, OHRLLS. Ms. Yvette Stevens, Special Coordinator for Africa and the LDCs.