Articles of Interest Regarding Women’s Issues

“Here’s a Woman Fighting Terrorism. With Microloans.” By Nicholas D. Kristof
“Bullets and drones may kill terrorists, but Roshaneh creates jobs and educational opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people — draining the swamps that breed terrorists.”

Roshaneh Zafar, an American educated banker, started a Microfinance organization located in Lahore, Pakistan named The Kashf Foundation in order to help fight terrorism by providing education opportunities and jobs for hundreds of thousands of people who would normally find themselves in “the swamps that breed terrorists.” The Foundation develops initiatives and successes as an effective strategy undermining extremism. Through the implementation of market-based solutions such as job creation and educational opportunities, the author suggests the United States reevaluate its approach towards defeating extremism by shifting investments from firepower to development. 

“We can’t let C.C.F. fail, just like we can’t let Haiti fail” -Marie Alice Craft, Director of C.C.F.
Sontag describes the difficulties within the educational system in Haiti that have been amplified due to the earthquake. Sontag focuses on a particular student, Caroline (22 years old), from The College Classique Feminin (C.C.F). C.C.F. is an all girls school, which has been very affected by the earthquake. Currently, students cannot attend school due to their building not meeting code. Haitians seem divided on the importance of rebuilding these schools and how to begin the rebuilding process. Some believe the education system will lay the foundation for rebuilding Haiti, while others find they have “bigger problems” to tackle, particularly medical concerns. The Inter-American Development Bank has provided Haiti with $500 million to aid with the $4.2 billion educational reform plans.